I'm currently open and available for all commission types! 
I recommend that you also check out my shop here for premade stream overlays, and possible tournament graphics in the future! It may not be custom, but you may find something you like there at a lower price than a custom package.
Shown below are pricings of the most common packages I get commissioned. If you have any specific work you'd like commissioned that isn't listed below, that's okay! Message me via Twitter or Email for more accurate pricing.
Following prices are in USD($). Prices may vary depending on quantity, complexity, time, etc.

Logo // ~$100
Typically Includes - .PNG File, May contain .SVG File for symbols/emblems

Stream Overlay Package // ~$150
Typically Includes - Chatting Screen, Gaming Screen

Stream Schedule Template // ~$75
Typically Includes - Online/Offline Toggles, Easily Editable .PSD File

FULL Stream Overlay Package // ~$250
Typically Includes - Overlay Packages, Schedule Template, Other Overlays, Twitch Panels, Banners, etc

Tournament Package // ~$800
Typically Includes - Background, In-Game Screen/Scoreboard, (2) Camera Shots, Bracket Screen, Waitscreen, Intermission Screen, Lower Third, etc
For questions regarding social media packages, and print packages, please contact me!
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